The Science Society

The history of Kegalu Vidyalaya is linked with the history of vidyalions’ science society. Old members of society are doctors, engineers and exceled officials at present. They serve the Country as true sons of Kegalu Vidyalaya. This all is because the immense dedication of the teachers of Science section. They shared their knowledge and fed their children with both education and moral values.

It is no argument that vidyalions’ science society has been working for that betterment of Kagalu Vidyalaya. The numbers of students is been increasing year by year and island merits, district ranks, university entries and other achievements are also increasedOld boys of Kagalu Vidyalaya should credited because of their hard work to develop the Science Society of Kegalu Vidyalaya.

Annual blood donation programme is a huge social service that is been carried out by present science students. In the year of 2016 the number of blood donors is raised up to 148. And the ’sil’ programme contributes to develop the students in the religious background. Annual ‘dansala’ is another social service of the members of Science Society.The exhibition of Kagalu Vidyalaya is a great example that depict the creativity, leadership, dedication and management skills of Science students.

Vidyalions’ science day provides an example for the other schools. And also vidyalions are always been victorious in the Science competitions, science magazine “Vidunetha” is a great task of science society.And the science society is a very suitable place to develop the sporting skills of the students.

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