The Principal

The Principal, W.H.G.Nimal Weerasinghe

It is my utmost pleasure to extend my best wishes for launching of a new web site of our prestigious school at the event of the 78th anniversary of Kegalu Vidyalaya.The 78th anniversary Synchronizing” is a special event. Further I would like to mention that the website with the modern technology will enable to enliven the educational development as well as the administration of the school.

The struggle to acquire new knowledge ensuring the leading of school through the use of state of art technology is praise worthy. I believe that both the teachers and students get an opportunity to promote their knowledge in the field Information Technology and use it meaningfully in teaching and learning process.

Last but not least I hope that the students of our school will be able to win the global recognize by using the Internet and the state of art in a meaningful way to conquer the world through Internet. I wish good luck and success for all the sons of mother Kegalu Vidyalaya – Our Alma meta.

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