The Commerce Section

The school of Kegalu Vidyalaya was first opened on 14th February 1942. Upto This time its way is successful. As I told you before the commerce section of our school began on 23rd February 1980.Mr. S.M.V.Bandara is the resent head of the section. There are about 150 students with 16 teachers.At first The children had learnt commerce in Sinhala .After 09 years the students had tha chance of learning commerce in English .So today anybody can learn commerce in Sinhala or English as they like.

Today we can proudly say Kegalu Vidyalaya is the only school in Sabaragamuwa province where commerce in English is teaching.We are very happy we have a very good staff in commerce section. For their knowledge they hope to educate many students.Last year the result of Advanced level examination the students of commerce section had gone high. Its because we have a Good,intelligent and Hardworking staff today.12 students had also selected for the university from commerce section.

Commerce section students are intelligent and clever. They are good at every thing. Mostly in Dramas,Concerts they take part .They are good in sports also .They engaged in cricket,volleyball and other games .The staff is always on behalf of them. They bring them forward in studies as well as everything.They give helpful hands ,when they need .

The commerce section students always come forward. The annual Trips,Matches, Debates are organized by them. They also see to the deciplinary of the school.

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