Progress of Web

Kegalu Vidyalaya, the premiere Buddhist boys’ college in Kegalle launched the first official website in 1998. There were only few websites in Sri Lanka and we are among them. In 2003 we moved to another official website and it was powered by Mother OBA of the school with the help of IT students in the school. In 2005 Kegalu Vidyalaya official website moved to  school net websites and we are happy to say we were the first school in Kegalle who joined with schoolnet.

Taking another step , official website of Kegalu Vidyalaya moved to .LK and was launched in “BEYOND-IT-2010″ as a project of VITS (Batch01).Currently there are another three official websites for several societies of the school.

By 2019, the website had become an integral part of the school’s history. With its alumni and IT students, the website underwent a major technological as well as content change. The school website was empowered by new technology and innovative concepts. Updated. During the “Covid-19”, for the first time in Kegalle, the “Online School” facility was provided with the help of teachers to help students successfully complete their homework. Thus the website you see today is activated with the great commitment of a large number of people.

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