Photographic Art Society

Mr. W.S.Perera was appointed by Prof.Jinadasa Perera, the late principal as the teacher-in-charge of school extra curricular activities. There after he warned hard for the betterment of our school and started the Astronomy and Radio Technology Society.

Mr. W.S.Perera, appointed Mr.Wijethunga who was a Chemistry teacher in advance level classes to start the Photographic Society of Kegalu Vidyalaya. As a result Photographic Society originated in our school on 1959.The 1st group of members consisted 17 members.Upananda Senarath, Kahawatte,U.P.Athukorala, Ajith Abesekara, Gamini Rathnayake, Dayananda Gunawardana, Ananda Premarathne, A.D.Dharmasena are some of them.When they starting the Society they used "Yashika, Troliflex, Void Lender, Petry, Relena Reflex cameras to get photographs.

Even at the philiminary stage, the Society was well organized and the members possessed identity card to raise the membership. The Society owned a room to wash the Photographs called "Dark Room". At present dark room has been demolished due to the construction of New School Ground.

For the Photographing purpose they used Role Film type Negatives. Those were 120 role, 160 role and 35 role types. The packet of sheets that used to print those roled photos, was cost 80 cents!. It had 100 sheets.In order to make photos they captured, magnified and more clear, they bought a Photo Enlarger from Jayarathna Studio which was Rs.800/= worth. To raise the funds that needed for the “Photo Enlarger” they showed a film named “Rio The Brave Cowboy”.

Through that the Society able to buy the “Photo Enlarger”.Unfortunately only a very few members among the 1st 17 members, till live today.(These Details have taken by Mr.Ananda Premarathne who has a member among the 1st 17 members of Photography Society on 2014.)

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