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During the English rule, the missionary education was very popular in Sri Lanka. IN the mean time, schools came into being gradually for the Sinhala Buddhists to have English education. During this period, a 13 member committee of interested nobles was appointed to found a Shinala Buddhist school in Keglle as a branch of Ananda College, Colombo. Weweladeniya temple was a paper by the name of “Kegalle English Buddhist College” was commenced. The following powerful persons were selected as members of the aforesaid committee.

  • Mr.Minister of State Council Speaker Francis Molamure (President)
  • Mr.Advocate C.R.Gunarathna (Vice President)
  • Mr.P.B.Balasooriya (Secretary)
  • Mr.K.G.Charles (Treasurer)
  • Mr.D.D.Athukorale
  • Mr.D.M.Senevirathna
  • Mr.K.A.Sirirathna
  • Mr.D.C.Appuhamy
  • Mr.D.Jayawardana
  • Mr.G.G.Samaranayke
  • Mr.L.B.Siyambalapitiya
  • Mr.K.G.Piyadasa (Representative of Sidhdharth Society)
  • Mr.Peter Rajakaruna (Representative of Sidhdhartha Society)

As said above, this committee organized events like Salpila, Muscial Shows and drama and approached well wishesers and nobles to consolidate the need for an English Buddhist school and constructed a school building and commenced the “Kegalle Vidyalaya” on 14.02.1942. It is worth mentioning here that, initial details were obtained from Colombo Ananda Vidyalaya.

The first principal Mr.K.L.D.Alagiyawanna, who appointed as first principal of this school to be commemorated gratefully. Initially this school was commenced as a mixed school. Gradually a girls school was founded for the girls. As the school was in progress, there was a need for the school to make a logo and a flag. Accordingly, as a first flag of the school was published in the news paper released on 20.02.1942 with the sun in the middle in figures of the moon either sides and with 12 stars as the flag of the Kegalle Vidyalaya. We are pleased to inform that, the school showed progress gradually with the use of this flag and with the dauntless efforts taken by then Principal Mr.R.M. Abeywardana and Deputy Principal Dr.K.Jinadasa Perera the school was promoted to
be a Grade 1 school.

During this period, there was a need for the leading school to bring out a Magazine to show their progress, give details and bring out the talents of their students. Accordingly, a Magazine was released by the name of “Vidyalaya”. Because of the heavy work of the principal Mr.R.M.Abeywardana, the deputy principal Dr.K.Jinadasa Perara played an imported role in bringing out this

There were the students worked as editors of this journal, they are Mr.Y.M.H.Wilson Bandara, who retired from service attached as secretary of the Kegalle Hospital, Proctor H.Dharmadasa Ranasinghe and E.M.G.Edirisinghe, who worked as commissioner of Inland Revenue and now retaired from service.

KV old crest
KV old crest

Old Crest

There was a need of an official logo of this school to bring out this Journal. Therefore according to the suggestions and guidance of Mr.G.K.D.Amaraweera, then art teacher from Galle, a decision was made to select that logo from the good Art students of the school. According to the instructions of the teacher, those students, who are interested in Art came forward to make the logo. So, some students of the school then, late Dr.Salamon Fonseka, who worked in Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Mr.W.M.Piyadasa of Ekiriyagala, who worked in Ports Authority and now retired from service, Mr. K.Somadasa Weerasinghe of Dewalegama, who worked as a Registrar attached to the Judicial Service Commission and Late Mr.K.A.Sitlin of Welimannathota, who worked in the Department of Prision were submitted creations to make the new logo. A committee selected the best creation. The logo created by student Somadasa Weersinghe was decided the best and selected as logo of the school and continued to use as official logo. After this competition, in the annual prize giving ceremony the awad for the Art in the Arts section was given to student Somadasa Weerasinghe.

This logo (Old college crest) had the Dharma Chakkara with four light flames in the middle having the school name in English and above the Pali pharse “Yaadhisang Wapathe – Thadhisang harathe” (AS WE SOW – SO WE REAP


Current Crest

This logo (Old college crest) was designed with Dharma Chakkara to reflect the Buddhist philosophy, Four light flames it in the middle of the Dharma Chakkara to denote the four Korales, that illuminate the Kegalle Town and with the saing “Yaadhisang Wapathe – Thadhisang harathe” from the Dammapadaya mentioned on the top curve of the Dharma Chakkara to reflect the students’ dedication and future prospects. The name of the school was printed in English to that the school gives prominence to English Education.

This logo (Old college crest) was used for some time, and then a teacher Mr.T.B.Karunarathna who came from Dharmaraja College, Kandy proposed that it should be revised. He was serving as a deputy principal of this school. Then the principal Mr.Jinadasa Perera went on a transfer. After that Mr.T.B.Karunarathna, at the time of served as acting principal created the present college crest which as a figure of lion with a light in the middle with a shape of a Security shield.

In this flag, the lion turning back – retrospect reflect the dignity of Sri Lankans and the four light flame in the middle indicates the Four Korale surrounding Kegalle Town and the inclusion of the sun and the moon in the flag indicates the security.

It is worth mentioning that the current motto of the school “Yaadhisang Wapathe – Thadhisang harathe (AS WE SOW – SO WE REAP)” has been put in the flag.

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